Student Attrition Rates in Kenya

2014 Primary and Secondary Enrollment by Gender and County

This map visually displays data published in Kenya's Ministry of Education, Science and Technology's 2014 Basic Education Statistical Booklet, and compares primary (grades 1-8) and secondary (grades 9-12) enrollment totals of girls and boys by county. Data for this analysis were collected as part of the 2014 national schools census. The size of each circle on the map corresponds to countywide enrollment, where larger circles represent greater enrollment totals. Hovering over the circles will display the numerical enrollment total per county. Each symbol is apportioned and assigned a color by gender:


High dropout rates are observed when toggling between the primary and secondary educational levels. According to the statistical booklet, the last two grades of primary school encounter the highest percentage of dropouts with grade seven recording 13.6% and grade eight recording 23.1%. Although the annual trend is improving, gender parity has not yet been achieved in both primary and secondary institutions. Cross county disparities remain evident, with arid and semi-arid counties recording the highest levels.

The data used for this map were obtained from the Kenya Open Data Portal and the 2014 Basic Education Statistical Booklet.

Map design and data analysis by Lis Fano